The Tao of Badass Review: A Complete Dating System

The Tao of BadassThe Tao of Badass, have you ever heard about it? If you haven’t, you should know that this book contains the most effective ways to turn you from a normal dude, to a guy who is loved by all women. You must not think that this book is another fake like the other “gurus” you can find out there.

Well, the other guides might not be working but there is no way for this guide book to fail you. If you do not believe it, you can take a look at the reviews of the people who have ever got this book and how they can find it really easy to make a girl they like to become theirs!

Some Awesome Contents of The Tao of Badass

In case you want to know about how great the Tao of Badass can be, you need to know that this book contains awesome things only. The contents are like the God’s words because they can really give you the greatest guidance to make you be able to cope with your relationship with the other girls and women easily. So, what is contained in The Tao of Badass? To mention some of the examples, you need to know that this book can let you know the most perfect timing to make the approach to the girls. This is really important because perfect timing can be so effective to turn a casual talking into more intimate one. Then, you should also need to know about how this book can reveal the secrets on making the girls become more attracted to you, as a normal guy, instead of the wealthy dudes.

More Awesome Contents

In case the things stated before are not enough for you to be convinced in getting The Tao of Badass, you can also learn about how to respond properly to anything said by the girls you are targeting. And do not forget about how you can learn how to reach toward the girl’s secret tests to figure out whether you are the perfect man or not.

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Organize Your Finances for Your Future

Organize Finances for the FutureYou will always be demanded to manage your finances because in the future, you will be demanded to take care of the whole family’s finances since you will be the parents. Being single is way easier than being married because when we are single, we are free to manage our money and we don’t have to share our belongings with our partner or children. The money we get from working will be our absolute asset, so no one can force you to allocate the money on something you don’t want to allocate it on.

Actually, even if you have absolute power on the money you get from working when you’re single, you should already organize your money for future planning. You can have fun with your money, but you should always have saving because savings will save you in unpredictable moments that may happen in the future.

When you are used to saving, you will always do this habbit even if you’re already married. Your skill on organizing money when you’re single will help you to organize money when you’re married. When you’re single you can just have savings for your own, but when you’re married, you should know how to manage money to support your wife and your children.

Prepare for Marriage before Prepare for Wedding

Prepare for MarriageThere’s a big difference between wedding and marriage. Wedding is the special day when you will finally be declared as a husband or a wife, and wedding just basically means the party where you are officially engaged to someone.

A marriage is not only about the declaration, a marriage involves a lifetime commitment. You may think that once you’re done with all the complicated wedding reception you will be free again, but you should know that once you throw your wedding party, you will soon have to face the real marriage that you would probably never thought about before.

A marriage is not as easy as you think. Living with the same person for the rest of your life, taking their good sides and their flaws, be loyal and faithful with them, are very difficult things to do. You will find lots of obstacles in your marriage due to many kind of problems. Once you are married to someone, your problem will be more complex than when you were not married with them yet. Moreover, you will have children and your stress level may increase.

You should prepare yourself and your finance for marriage, not only for wedding party.

Career Advice for Woman before Getting Married

Being women used to be very difficult. We were once never had the chance to do what we want, to pursue our dreams, and to chase after our passion. Fortunately, now women have as much rights as men in order to fulfill their aspiration in life. Women are fated to be a mother who will raise their children together with the husband, but they will have to spend more time with their children when they were kid because women have more responsibility to raise the kid while men have more responsibility to work for the family living.

As a young woman, you should first pursue your career because you will not have enough time to chase after your dream because you are responsible to take care of your children and your husband. It’s true that in modern life women can do things that men can do, even when they are already married. But, as a woman you should never forget your identity. Do as much effort as you can while you are single in order to reach your career goal. You can still have time to pursue it when you are already married, but you won’t have as much time as before, so never waste your time when you’re young and free.

When A Girl is Flirting with You

When A Girl is Flirting with YouWhen guys tend to hit on girls at the first time they meet, you should also know that sometimes girls try to do the initiation when the guy doesn’t do it. Guys tend to do all the flirting bluntly, while girls do it more secretly. It’s kind of difficult for inexperienced guys to tell whether a girl is flirting with them or not, but experienced guys can recognize when a girl is flirting with them or not. Girls are flirting with you because they are interested in you, and gentlemen should never ignore their first move because girls don’t tend to do the first move.

It takes a strong girl to make her take the first move and start flirting. You can see it from her smile and from how she looks at you if you want to know whether she is flirting with you or not. You should differentiate a girl’s pure smile and a girl’s flirting smile. When she smiles at you kindly, maybe it’s because she is trying to do the courtesy. When she smiles at you playfully, sometimes she bites her lip and she looks at you differently like she wants you, this girl is definitely flirting with you.

Keeping Your Life in Harmony is as Important as Keeping Your Priority

Balanced LifeLife will always demand us to be balanced because if we only focus on one stuff, we will never regret the others and our life will be in ruin. For example, if you are a workaholic who loves to work from 7 in the morning and return home at 7 in the evening, you should change your lifestyle and try to focus on other things like your social life, your relationship, your family, your health, your hobby, etc. Even if you have a priority, it won’t harm you to keep things in your life as a harmony.

Also in relationship, we may be too focused on our partner and we sometimes forget about our parents and siblings. Even if your partner is the one you prioritize the most, you should also give some time for your family because your partner is not the only one who cares about you and want to see you.

In other case when you’re married, you may be too busy with your work and forget to attend your child’s first performance in school. Maybe something in our life is not balanced, but we should always be sensitive enough to figure it out. Keep your priority, but spend time for other positive things too.

Recovering from First Date Blunder

First date is very special because on first date, you can finally go out with the one you’ve been longing to get to know better. Just like other first thing, first date will make you feel anxious, panic, and excited at the same time. But what if your first date doesn’t go well and it’s somewhat giving you a bad memory? Well, you shouldn’t expect for the second date with the same person, but you can learn from your first date blunder so your next first date can go well.

Even if the one you go on a first date with is not someone you really love, you can still feel sad because your date doesn’t go right. You should take the truth as it is and strengthen yourself. You will find more other challenge in the future, so this first love blunder may be your little early step that can help you to be stronger.

If you want to get over your first date blunder, you should forget the pain or the annoyed feeling, but you should never forget the lesson you learned from it. Keep believing that you will meet another guy who can make your first date with him a whole lot better.

Surprise Others and Your Life Will be Surprising

Surprising LifeIn life, we can never predict anything to happen just like how we expect it to happen. Life is the biggest miracle you will ever get, and everything you get in life without expecting may also be very surprising. Girls love surprise just as much as guys love surprises. We don’t need some kind of a fancy, luxurious, and expensive surprise like a new sport car, but a single little surprise from our partner may be the most touching surprise you will ever feel. People like getting surprise, especially when the surprise is making them happy.

If we want our life to be contained with surprises, we should try to surprise others with our love. Let them know how much love we have for them by showing the love gradually. Give them a little surprise when they wake up with a chocolate on their bedside table, draw something and hang it on the wall for them. If you try to surprise others with your love and affection, people won’t hesitate to do the same, but we should never expect people to always do what we do for them because your favor will always be returned, but in different and surprising way.

Checking Fertility before Marriage is Important

Checking Fertility before MarriageBefore marriage, we may be aware of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) because people we are going to marry may have had sexual intercourse with other people before us. You may also get the STD yourself unconsciously, so for both’s sake, it’s better to be aware of STD before getting married. You should do a check up on a STD specialist clinic to make sure that both of you and your partner are fine.

Actually, STD is not the only thing you should worry about before getting married. You should also consider checking up you and your partner’s fertility because fertility is very important to preserve your family’s next generation.

The other purpose of marriage is to have children because your life will only be completed when you finally have children. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t check their partner’s fertility before marriage, and in the end they will be shocked that they can never get babies. Checking for fertility is as important as checking for STDs because if you don’t, chance for you to be disappointed in your marriage is higher and it can lead to lots of bigger problems. When you do the check up, you shouldn’t worry about your fertility in the future.

Things About Online Dating Depend on A Girl’s Mind

Online dating is kind of difficult because when we finally meet someone, we can’t easily meet them in person because they may live far away from us.

Online DatingOnline dating is harder for girls because girls tend to take the relationship too seriously even if they haven’t met first. Girls tend to seek for romance and they love everything that involves romance like music, novel, movie, etc. Most of girls are crazy about seeking for the true partner in their life, while guys would be more into having fun only. When girls tend to take the online dating seriously, guys may probably take it for fun only.

Online dating is not so hard for women, only if they don’t take it too seriously. It’s true that we can look for potential and serious partner from online dating, but we should know that those who want it to be serious would rather to interact directly, rather than connecting through online dating. When you want to look for serious person only, you should put on your profile that you are looking for serious relationship.

Online dating may also be difficult for girls since her friends may take it like there’s no guy hitting on her, but again it goes back to our perspective. We shouldn’t listen to such comments that can make me feel down.

Essential First Time Kissing Tips

First kiss with someone you hold dear the most can sometime be something delicate. You would never know how your partner really feels about it so the best thing to do is actually do it and examine how she or he really perceives about it. If everything is good, then you might proceed; but, if your partner shows any signal of discomfort, cut it off altogether. There are some first time kissing tips you can try to explore. You have to make sure that you are comfortable with this idea and the person you are having relationship is, too. There is no way a first time kiss would work if there is one of you finding this idea unsettling as it might lead to a fight or whatever.

And perhaps cleaning up a little bit before making action is the best thing to start first time kissing tips with. You must make sure that your mouth is in its prime condition with no odors left for your partner to pick. If there is no time to take a full bath, brushing your teeth would do the job. Reapplying deodorant can also be something good as can splashing some water over body part that has turned a bit smelly. If you plan on doing it in the dark, unless you’re a pro, ditch the idea. It is easy to think that kissing in the dark helps you boost your confidence but that is not to be the case. If you are an amateur, new to this kind of thing, you would need as much light as you can get. You are not used to your partner’s bodily features so keeping it a bit bright might prevent your lips ending up on some awkward site.

Oh, and don’t forget to swallow. It would be utterly embarrassing to find out that you have deposited crazy amount of saliva inside your partner’s mouth because you are too lazy to swallow. And the most important of all first time kissing tips is that making out does not guarantee that any one of you will get laid—keep it in mind!